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April 11th, 2017 + 9:04 AM  ·  pixelsnpings

Good morning folks. This is my first post so I'll introduce myself a little. I play the drums as a hobby. Benn playing on and off for almost 10 years now. I Enjoy hearing the efforts of different people and I just want to tell everyone to keep up the great work and I can't wait to hear what all of you are working on!

Here is my question.

For those of you who have tried to release your own album/single, what was it that you believe caused it's success or failure? And what do you think made the difference?

I'm exploring ideas on how to make publishing your own albums easier. I'm not looking for solutions yet. I just want to Isolate the top road blocks and become aware of what you guys artists are dealing with. I want to hear your experiences and frustrations!

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